This is my favourite time of year


It all starts with Halloween, then comes Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Year and then it all ends in January with my birthday!!

This time of year brings a more relaxed and sedentary pace for us, we seem to go into semi-hibernation mode. We don’t particularly like to go out when it’s dark, instead we prefer to bunker down and spend lots of time indoors. While we enjoy our time together as a family creating more memories and taking part in our little family’s traditions, it’s also a time where we can easily start snapping at each other and getting under each other’s feet.

I like to celebrate Halloween, for us it’s a time to be silly, play games, carve pumkins and eat lots of sweets. This year we bought out pumpkins from a pick your own farm instead of the supermarket, we went to Cattows Farm in Heather, Leicestershire, it’s only a few miles away from Twycross Zoo if you’d prefer a full day out. The owners had created a fantastic little area for their pumpkins along with a witchy scarecrow and a hale bay spider. There were also sheep and goats who were very friendly and came over for a little scratch behind the ears.

We really enjoyed our day at the farm and I have to say that although the pumpkins were more expensive than what the supermarket have to offer, I found them much better quality and they lasted much longer. I still have an uncarved pumpkin sitting on my mantlepiece that shows no sign of having to be thrown out.

On Halloween itself the children used to love getting dressed up and go out trick or treating, but this year my 14 year old decided he was too old to get dressed up but lucky for us he still decided to come out with us so we could take his sister out. We all agreed this would be our last year going out trick or treating and next year we are planning to have a party indoors and welcome Trick or Treaters to the house.

Although Halloween is now over for another year it still remains one of my favourite holidays, nothing will ever beat Christmas but Halloween is a very close second.